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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Introduction to SF Giants Guy

Well, hello fellow Giants fans. Let me introduce myself. My "internet" name is Macster but here on this blog, you can call me SF Giants Guy. I am a die hard San Francisco Giants fan. And I have taken issue with the fact that the Giants haven't brought the bling to San Francisco in my 30 years of living. I'm sure many of you who will stumble upon this blog will take issue with the fact the Giants have never won a championship as members of the San Francisco Bay Area period. I feel your pain. This blog is to vent, scrutinize, rumor-monger, and figure out ways we're better than Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy and how we can fix our damn local 9. I will update the blog on a weekly basis (or on off-days) with my thoughts on the team. I'll include fascinating rumors about the Gigantes as well as give my ideas on improving them. Feel free to comment, to agree, to disagree, to throw out your own ideas. My hope for this thing is that we create a nice little community of Giants fans that come here to catch the latest news, interesting trade scenarios, and of course, ripping or celebrating the play of the team.

Now, aside from that introduction, I might as well get a first Giants related post out of the way. We're playing the Dodgers, we have Lincecum(10-4, 2.96 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 136 K's), ) vs Kershaw (9-5, 3.16 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 129 K's) tonight, which might be one of the best matchups of young pitchers on rivalry teams in the entire league. The Giants are playing well. They are on a 7 game winning streak (Eff You Cuzzi) and are major players in the wildcard and divisional race. However, as it is July 20th, the trade deadline looms. Brian Sabean has stated he is on the lookout for a lefthanded 1B or OF who is not a rental (we can also assume that Sabean is scouring the relief pitcher market after another shaky performance by the bullpen last night). We've been linked to the likes of David DeJesus and Prince Fielder. Adam Dunn is available but he'd be a rental. And then there's the worrisome lingering rumors of a Corey Hart for Jonathan Sanchez swap. Hart is righthanded and plays in band boxes for most of his divisional games. His defense is questionable as well. And just as recently as this past offseason, the Brewers looked at him as a platoon player. Jon Sanchez can be maddening, but he can also be brilliant. I would be livid to see him go for a trade of Corey Hart.

Anyways, of the players out there that are known to be available, who is the likeliest trade acquisition for Sabean?

A) David DeJesus OF (.318/.384/.445)

B) Prince Fielder 1B (.265/.396/.509)

C) Corey Hart OF (.291/.350/.567)

D) Adam Dunn 1B (.286/.374/.575)

E) Cody Ross OF (.280/.332/.408)

F) Lance Berkman 1B/OF (.250/.372/.448)

G) None of the above

I'm hoping B, expecting A, and realistically seeing G. Your thoughts? And more importantly:


  1. David DeJesus? What kind of numbers are these? 318 5 37 .384 .445.... this looks like Freddy Sanchez 2010 to me

  2. Hoping for Dunn, expecting to overpay for Hart.

  3. Hello My Bastard Son....I wish you well with your blog and will probably post here as I am done with the NewCafe site......
    No on B,C,E,and F and Dunnonly if we give up minor league "prospects" Do we have any? :-))))

  4. Doug, don't you dare try to abandon the home base!

    Freddy Sanchez could only wish he had an OPS above .700 like DeJesus Mr. Rilinho! Taken from the Chronicle and the illustrious Hank Schulman:

    "He (Sanchez) has two extra-base hits since June 27 and is hitting .275 overall with a paltry .680 OPS (on-base plus slugging average)."


    DeJesus would allow us to put Torres/DeJesus a top the order and put Freddy further down.

    What would Fielder cost? I'd assume a package starting with Jonathan Sanchez and Brandon Belt would get Doug Melvin interested.

  5. If the Giants trade one of our starters for the likes of DeJesus, Hart or Cody Ross, I will take off my Brandon Belt and personally whip that brainless Sabean in the face with it. Trade for Fielder or our season is Dunn dude.

  6. Fielder for Sanchez would be a wet dream! Sanchez's will not sustain his pace and we need a bopper. We have enough starting pitching to win without him

  7. Hideki Matsui... go get him Sabes

  8. Welcome to the Giants Blogger Guild

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    Mr. Fan
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  9. i like the fielder for sanchez+ deal. fielder would solidify the 5th, 6th spots in the giants lineup, which has hiccups sometimes w/ sandoval + uribe and w/o burrell. fielder has tons of power, gets loads of bb and ibb. i wouldn't be as quick to snap up dunn, because of his sky-high SO, and because his BA in previous seasons have all been less than 0.270. i wonder what his RISP numbers are? looking at numbers in nats lineup, i would consider getting j. willingham. i wonder if he is available?