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Monday, September 20, 2010

12 Games Left

So there's 12 games left in the season. And although I'm convinced the Giants will still provide heartbreak by getting eliminated in the final series of the season, I can't say I'm not living and dying with every pitch despite that inevitability. However, it's becoming more clear that the Giants path to October will have to be the division title. The Braves have a tough road to hoe facing the Phillies 5 more times (they lost tonight) but if the Phillies clinch the division prior to the last series of the year, I highly doubt they'll put their "A" line-up out to face Atlanta while we have our showdown against San Diego (where the Rockies will inevitably clinch the NL West... just trust me guys and prepare for it like I have).

It's been weird rooting for the Dodgers so much lately. Of course, the Dodgers being the Dodgers, they've helped make things difficult for SF by losing pretty regularly to people we need them to beat. I'm still in utter amazement they came back and beat the Rockies yesterday. And speaking of those Rockies, someeone needs to pitch Tulowitski in over and over until his hands go numb. His Bondsian assault on September is not what baseball needs right now. Do we really need to see that ugly Kenny Powers-esque mullet in highlights every night? No. Please stop hitting homers Troy.

So let's look at the Final Four, shall we.

Giants have 12 games left. They're going off on their final road trip. 3 against the all of a sudden red hot Cubs. Then 3 season defining games against the Colorado Humidors. And seriously, is anyone buying that the Rockies aren't doctoring their balls somehow? I'm not. Which is why they'll win the division. We finish the season with the "on vacation" Diamondbacks and the destined for 3rd Padres. 6-6 likely doesn't get us into the playoffs. 7-5 probably doesn't either. Meaning the Giants need to go 8-4 or essentially not lose any of their remaining series.

The Padres have a brutal schedule. They have 3 in LA (not terrible as the Dodgers are firming up their offseason vacations), then 3 at home against the NL Central leading Reds. They have 4 against the Cubs at Petco, then finish off on the road against us at AT&T. That's 6 games on the road and 7 games at home. But they face 2 contenders.

As mentioned, the Braves have 5 left with the Phillies. 2 more in Philly then 3 at home. In between the two Philly series, they squeeze in 3 at Washington and 3 home games against Florida. The Marlins are spunky. And always play hard. They're no pushovers. The Nats are pretty much done and the Braves should dominate them but they already lost a series to Washington earlier this month. So if the Rockies win the NL West, this is the slim chance the Giants have at gaining games on the wildcard leaders.

And finally, the Rockies. Those fucking purple clad Dinosaur mascot humidor cheating douches in Colorado. They have 3 away games at Arizona. The Rockies are terrible on the road and them being on the road would usually be a good thing. Except they're facing the Diamondbacks. Who's stadium is like Coors Field lite. Which means the Rockies will sweep them. Because they don't lose at "home". After feasting on the Dbacks, they have us at Coors. I can't remember the last time the Giants ever won a meaningful series in Coors. But I can remember when they lost one. Last year. And it was in Coors where Neifi fucking Perez took Robb Nen deep that time in 1998. In short, I fucking hate Coors Field and so should you. The Giants certainly do. It's most likely here where the Rockies take over 1st place in the West. After that, they have the worthless Dodgers in their homer haven meaning more wins and then finish the season off in St. Louis. Of course, that series will be meaningless as the Cards will have been eliminated and the Rockies will merely have to show up to clinch the NL West. Likely on the 2nd to last game of the season.

September baseball is fun. It's excruciating. And I'm much happier when the Giants are contenders in the month then when we're getting a look at all our "great" prospects like Todd Linden and Tony Torcato. But contending in September usually means a whole lot of tense games, bi-polar reactions to everything and anything and everyone in my life, and inevitably... heartbreak.

But we have 12 games left that mean something. And although I expect the worst... I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. T is a very good hitter. He is what makes the Rockies lineup click. Power at the the SS position.