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Sunday, October 3, 2010

On the Verge... of Collapse.

I've been telling you for weeks. I've been conditioning you. Getting you ready for THIS moment. The Giants are going to break our hearts. It is "The Giants Way". I never read Bill Neukom's handbook, but teasing your fans and then absolutely thrashing their heart has to be about 99% of that book.

The Giants came into the final series of the season needing one goddamn win to clinch the NL West. They have lost two in a row. They haven't pitched well and they already weren't hitting well. So instead of a champagne shower and me eating crow... the Giants are exactly where I thought they'd be: On the cusp of completely and utterly demoralizing a fanbase that already has to deal with the 49ers season going in the tank after 3 weeks and who's middle name is "gut wrenching heartbreak."

So I was wrong about one thing. The Giants definitely are NOT getting eliminated in THIS final series of the year. No, they have to make it even more painful. They have the potential of losing 5 games in a row not to make the playoffs. That, folks, will be the most legendary choke job in the history of baseball. More than the 2004 ALCS when the Yankees choked against the Red Sox. Even more than Game 6 of that World Series that did not happen. If they lose today (and they will) and if the Braves win (they will), the Giants will fly down for a 1 game playoff against the Padres in San Diego. If they lose that game, they will play a 1 game playoff against the Braves. Essentially, the Giants, needing only 1 win out of FIVE games to secure a playoff spot, will have the chance to break our hearts repeatedly today, Monday, and Tuesday.

That isn't even torture, the theme of the season. That's just downright criminal and sadistic to subject a fan base to that. But we're SF Giants fans. I mean... we do NOT get the credit we deserve for sticking with a team that repeatedly chokes in the worst ways possible. Sure, the Cubs haven't won in thousands of years. But Cubs fans really don't care. They just get drunk and have a good time at Wrigley. I do admit, the Bartman thing was pretty painful. But they've only had one of those moments. We've had many. Over and over. It's not that they lose, it's how they lose.

I mean, Freddy Sanchez rounding 3rd base on a flyout to right field by Huff? In the 9th inning? When he's the tying run? Where's the first base coach on that? What was he thinking? And then leaving our Saturday hopes to Barry f'ing Zito and Jose Guillen!? Jose Guillen!? Bochy, you take the slowest guy on the team (who might be slower than Bengie Molina) and you put him in a spot where a DP kills a rally when you have faster guys like Burriss or Velez on the bench. Or Freddy Sanchez waiting to atone for that ridiculous baserunning from Friday? Even Rowand, who had a pinch hit home run!? You put in Guillen, the guy that is batting something like .200 in September and runs like a turtle on sleeping pills??

Giants baseball is worse than fucking torture. It's blue balls times infinity.

And here they are, Sunday, on the 162nd game of the season, ready to provide that heartbreak I've been warning you has been coming for weeks.

Come on guys, just win ONE GAME!

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