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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Retraction: And It Feels So Good

If I were ashamed of my mistakes and I had the power to erase them, I would. But I'm not ashamed. Because I am happy as shit that I'm wrong. That the Giants did not commit the ultimate choke job. The chokes of all chokes. No, they tortured as they're wont to do. They lost Friday and Saturday and then Jonathan Clinchez showed up, backed up his words from a month ago, and singlehandedly beat the Padres and knocked them out of the playoffs.

How's that feel San Diego? Not good, huh? I don't want to hear you whine about it. That's the first misery you've ever had. Try having that happen to you over and over and over. I have no sympathy for you guys.

So it's on. And I was wrong. The Giants were NOT eliminated in the last series of the year. They almost were. But they kicked the snide. They persevered! So I offer my retraction. The Giants are better than I thought. I thought they were good, I didn't think they were playoff bound.

The Giants are in the playoffs. Miraculously. And now they're a real threat. Experts around the country are already calling for a Giants/Phillies NLCS. Which makes me nervous. Not only did Halladay just pitch a no-no but we have to face the Braves, our arch nemeses. Yes, we beat them in 2002. But the Braves have beat down the Giants so much in the past 20 or so years, it almost feels like a Twins/Yankees match up. The Twins look like deer caught in the headlights when they face NY in October. They clenched up again this evening. Hopefully, this energetic, fraternal group of Giants who have no connection whatsoever to those teams in the past that used to get their asses kicked by the Braves, can make this cinderella story last a bit longer.

Lincecum vs ex-Dodger Lowe.

Cain vs one of the Hanson brothers

Clinchez vs Giant Killer Hudson

Maybe Zito, since he won't be doing anything else this week, can pick up Hudson on his unicorn and ride far far away... two birds, one stone.

There will likely be a deluge of posts coming during the playoffs.

Let the games begin.


1 comment:

  1. Most people don't appreciate how hard it is to get into the post-season in the MLB. Only 8 of 30 teams total get to the post-season. Almost 3 out of every 4 teams don't make it.

    In the NFL, much easier. 12 out of 32 teams make it to the most season. This is a 37.5% chance. Yet when was the last time, we saw the niner's in the playoffs.

    For a team to get the post-season in the MLB, is a tremendous accomplishment. Even more so for a team that is sewn from discarded scrap pieces from other teams like the giants.

    That was why Bochy was floating around the ballpark on his toes like a birthday balloon after clinching. Enjoy it while you can.