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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Worst Loss of 2011

I haven't been writing as much as I'd like. I apologize.

This team has been every bit as torturous as last years. But now the Giants are going to have to deal with real adversity.

The Baseball Gods don't seem to be the kind that smile kindly upon a team two years in a row (hence the lack of repeat champions). And tonight, they got back at the Giants with a vengeance. They robbed us not only of an epic come from behind win in what has been an amazing run for the team at AT&T Park, but they may have just taken the franchise player away from the team for months.

Buster Posey is likely heading to the DL. For how long is undetermined at this time. His ankle got messed up bad in a collision with Scott Cousins. It could be broken. It could be a severe sprain. Whatever it is, it looked bad. Awful. And the diagnosis will go a long way in determining whether the Giants have a shot at repeating as NL West champs, let alone World Champs.

What would have been an amazing come from behind win and arguably the best win of the season ended with a Giants loss and Buster Posey writhing on the ground in severe pain.

I as a fan feel sick to my stomach. I can only assume his teammates and coaches feel even worse. The worst thing that could happen to the Giants would be to lose the centerpiece of their offense. They already were dealing with the best hitter on the team being on the DL in Sandoval. If you add Posey to that mix (along with the minor injuries to Fontenot and Ford) then the Giants already anemic offense is in real peril.

And the injuries this season (it's not even JUNE yet) are starting to get real old. Already we've seen these players hit the DL:


And now you might add Ford, Fontenot, and the biggest problem, Posey to the list.

Unbelievable. The Giants don't have any legit MLB catchers ready to come up either. Chris Stewart and Jackson Williams are the most probable names. And they can't hit in the minors.

It makes me wonder if the Giants might consider giving Bengie Molina a call. He's at home, unretired, waiting for a team to call for his services. I'm not advocating the move but Bengie knows the staff, has a connection with the Giants, and is undoubtedly a better offensive option than Whiteside, Stewart, or Jackson.

The Giants need to make a few roster moves ASAP. You'd have to believe that with Posey hurt, the Giants will be forced to recall their best offensive force in AAA: Brandon Belt. But even if Posey's injury means Belt's return, overall...

A terrible night for Giants fans. Get well Buster.