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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Giants 2012 Playoff Run Begins

For a diehard Giants fan who lives and breathes Giants baseball, follows every Giants blogger, fan, player, seagull, etc I really don't update this blog as much as I should.  I thought I'd post once a week like Grant used to do on Waiting for Boof but like Tim Lincecum this year, I just haven't been consistent.  My last blog entry was about Melky's suspension and the effect it could have on the Giants chemistry.  Well, I was right... it had a huge effect on chemistry.  It bonded the team so close together that they forgot they were supposed to go in the tank after yet another punch in the gut this season.

What about that ride!?  The Dodgers acquired every expensive player in baseball and THEY were the ones that went  into the tailspin.  The Giants got an unimpressive Hunter Pence and a utility infielder and wound up winning the division a week before the end of the regular season.  And here I thought they were doomed because they didn't acquire Chris Perez at the deadline.  Or any closer for that matter.

Nope, the Giants are NL West Champs and have as good a chance as any to make it to the World Series for the second time in three years.

Bochy is playing coy with announcing who the Game 3 starter is going to be at Great American Ballpark but we know who Cincy is throwing out there:  Cueto, Arroyo, and Latos.

Arroyo in Game 2?  Really Dusty?  Interesting call.  Latos is very much familiar with the NL West and AT&T Park and I'm actually thrilled the Giants are not facing him in Game 2.  Although the Giants lit up Latos in Game 162 in 2010 to clinch the NL West, pretty much every other game Latos has pitched against the Giants has been Kershawian.    Having him pitch in a live yard like Cincy's is a positive.

Bochy announced the NLDS roster today and I really do not like having Mota on the team and no speed on the bench (when Blanco starts at least).  This burned the Giants in 2003 when Eric Young was left off for an extra reliever and we all know how that worked out.

Regardless, it's playoff time in San Francisco.  Orange October is in full effect (in Baltimore as well and wouldn't it be neat to have an all Black and Orange World Series around Halloween?) and it's time to get back on the roller coaster known as playoff baseball.

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