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Bill Neukom OUT as Managing General Partner? WHY!?

So in case your head has been buried in the sand all day, you're well aware that the Giants just made an awful PR move and a crippling short and long term move for the health of the franchise. They sacked Bill Neukom. Bill "Bowtie" Neukom. And why? Because he had the vision and fortitude to try to make the Giants the Phillies, Red Sox, and Yankees of the West. He supported The Franchise show on Showtime in an attempt to give the team more notoriety and more exposure (especially to those East Coasters). He exploded the payroll from about 90M to 120M following a surprise World Series title run. He invested in the farm system and refused to sign long term contracts to free agents while showing a willingness to extend the team's core players. He embraced new age stats. He spent the money the team made on... well... the team and improving it. And the so-called Executive Committee apparently had a problem with this. Mostly, they were butt hurt that Neu