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The Offseason Depression

So today the Giants extended Sabean and Bochy through 2013 (with options for 2014). They've been busy this offseason, what with re-signing Jeremy Affeldt and Javier Lopez and trading Jonathan Sanchez for Melky Cabrera and reminding fans every chance they have that they're not going to do much of anything to fix what was the worst offense in the NL last year. That's right. This team that was coming off a 2010 World Series championship, that had its most ludicrous (and lucrative) season in its history in terms of attendance and merchandise sales in 2011, is modestly bumping the payroll from 125M to 130M. That, folks, is a pittance for a team with the success the Giants have had in 2010-2011. At today's press conference to announce the extensions for manager and GM, the Giants made sure to repress expectations. Pujols? No. Fielder? No. Reyes? No. Rollins? No. Beltran? Probably not. Cody fricking Ross? Not sure. Oh, but the Giants are assuring us that

Free Agent Predictions 2011

It's my second annual free agent prediction list. Like last year, first I'll take you back and show you all of my MLB predictions from March and show you how unreliable I actually am and then I'll give you my free agent list. Here we go (bold means correct): NL Playoff teams: Giants, Reds, Phillies, Brewers AL Playoff teams: Rangers , Twins, Red Sox, A's ALCS: Red Sox vs Rangers NLCS: Giants vs Phillies World Series: Giants vs Red Sox Since the awards have yet to be given out, I'll check back to see how I did on those later. I did get 3 out of 8 playoff teams. That's a .375 average and if I were a hitter, that'd put me in the Hall of Fame. Moving on, here is where I think the top free agents are headed come Spring Training 2012. Albert Pujols (Cardinals): He's not going to leave St. Louis. Plain and simple. The Yankees and Red Sox can't come calling to blow him away with an offer and the Cardinals, coming off a championship, won&