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Giants Offseason Preview

I've been a bad Giants blogger.  I haven't written since mid-season, since the All-Star break after Tim Lincecum threw his no-hitter.  Honestly, I was just depressed.  The 2013 season went down the tubes shortly after that and the Dodgers caught fire.  I just couldn't find the time to write in between all the tears.  That being said, it's funny how looking at that last post now leads somewhat nicely into this one. Why?  Because the Giants just re-signed Lincecum to a 2 year 35 MEELION dollar contract. Prior to Timmy's no-hitter, he was on the trading block.  Teams were nibbling and Sabean wasn't exactly saying he was off limits.  Then the no-no came and fans went wild and all of a sudden Timmy was not just untradeable from a marketing perspective, but he became a re-sign candidate.  Fast forward through the end of the season and Lincecum pitched well enough to make the Giants believers that he was evolving into an actual pitcher and not just a ridiculously