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2014 Rotation Appears Set

So it looks like the Giants have sewed up their rotation by re-signing Ryan Vogelsong to a one year deal for 5 million.  I don't love it, I don't hate it.  If the Giants were not going to seriously upgrade that spot in the rotation, then why not gamble on a Vogey comeback?  Like I mentioned previously, I'd rather have an incentivized and angry Vogey for one year than an Arroyo or Nolasco or Phil Hughes for 3 years.  And given that Hughes received 3 years and Nolasco received 4 years, both from Minnesota, it's a good bet Arroyo will get his 3 years.  The Giants seem to have a plan for their rotation and that is to wait for Kyle Crick and Edwin Escobar and maybe a couple of the other guys that had breakthrough 2013 minor league seasons to augment Bumgarner and Cain in the near future.  In the meantime, they're getting capable place holders (Lincecum, Hudson, and Vogelsong) on short term deals to keep the spots warm.  I can't argue with the strategy.  The Giants of