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Evaluating the Giants After Their First Tour of the NL West

The Giants end their first tour through the NL West with an 11-8 record.  All of the games they've played so far in this young season have come against their division foes.  Not so surprisingly, the team that gave them the biggest problems was that Southern California team.  Oh wait, not those big spending Dodgers but those thrifty Padres.  The Padres are the NL West version of mosquitoes.  They are annoying, they are pesky, and they have the ability to bite you.  The Padres are very much a mirror version of the Giants, but without the star power, awesome history, and World Championships.  They play small ball.  They pitch and pitch well.  And they can't really hit.  The Giants Way pamphlet apparently was stolen, copied, and distributed to the Padres for about as long as I can remember.  The Giants were lucky to get away with a victory. But this post isn't about the Padres.  It's about the Giants and what we could gleam from the first 19 games.  They've played all