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Are the Giants Playoff Contenders or Pretenders?

I haven’t written an entry for several weeks because I’m still staggered at how Brian Sabean and his staff looked at this 2014 team they put together, looked at the pool of NL contenders, and decided that standing pat at the Trade Deadline was an amazing idea.  I get that it wasn’t a buyer’s market and all that.   What I do know is that a lot of teams made a lot of moves at the deadline and the Giants (and thankfully the Dodgers) were not one of them. I wanted Ben Zobrist but at least I understand why the Giants did not get a second baseman.   Joe Panik has caught fire since being given the every day job and the Giants don’t have the budget (chuckle, they have it, they just don’t want to spend it) to have an All-Star at every position like the Dodgers aspire to have.   Panik is a cheap option now and hopefully into the future.   He doesn’t need to be a bopper, he just needs to be an adequate #2 or #7 hitter.   I think he can be.   He strikes out rarely, handles the bat well,