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The Giants Are Limping to the Finish

Well, things are looking bad aren't they?  I mean, as bad as they can be for a team that is almost assuredly going to the playoffs. Yes, barring a total collapse this final week of the season, the Giants will be playing October baseball.  Granted, that October baseball looks almost certain to be a date with the Pirates for the one game wildcard play-in game.  And the way the Pirates are going (super hot) and the way the Giants are going (not so hot), San Francisco's October baseball appearance could be one and done on October 1st. Has there been a more enigmatic San Francisco Giants team? The Giants shot out to MLB's best record in baseball the first 2 months of the season.  They did so mostly by beating up on the NL West in April (inclusive of those Dodgers) and by having a 20 win May against some good teams.  They started June off well and swept the Mets and had a 43-21 record.  Then the wheels fell off.  They seemingly couldn't beat anyone the rest of June and