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Adios Pablo - A Giant Chapter Has Closed

Pablo Sandoval, the beloved Kung Fu Panda, is now a Boston Red Sox. And Giants fans are PISSED. Ok, at least a lot of vocal Giants fans on various social media outlets.  Which is their right, of course. They feel betrayed, angry, hurt.  I get it.  He was a homegrown player.  He, in a lot of ways, served as the face of the franchise alongside Tim Lincecum during the post Bonds dark years.  Back when we had Bengie Molina batting clean-up.  Back when he was "Little Money" to Molina's "Big Money". Before he was "The Panda". But why all the hate?  Why all the taunts?  Why so quick to the "we hope you get really fat and suck from here on out" type of messages and angst? Pablo Sandoval is a professional athlete.  Key word there: Professional.  Pro Sports is first and foremost entertainment.  More importantly, it's a business.  It's an entertainment business.  How many of these angry Panda fans have ever left one job for another job f

A Giant Dynasty

They did it.  Again. The San Francisco Giants are your 2014 World Series Champions.  I'll go out on a limb and say that THIS Giants parade, this Giants trophy, this Giants championship may be the unlikeliest of them all. In 2010 and 2012 (2010 in particular), the Giants had amazing pitching from top to bottom. Lincecum was pitching like Cy Young Timmy, Cain was Cain, Bumgarner was a ridiculously talented and unflappable rookie, and even Jonathan Sanchez was awesome.  The bullpen was lights out and featured 3 relief arms that all eventually would be closers for the Giants in the playoffs (Wilson, Romo, Casilla).  The Giants had the pitching, they just had to make the playoffs.  And when they did, trophy #1 came a calling. In 2012, the Giants again relied heavily on their pitching.  Lincecum was NOT Cy Young Timmy but Cain was having arguably his best season and was the definitive ace.  Bumgarner had proven he was a stud.  And Ryan Vogelsong, after re-establishing himself as an M