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Looking ahead to 2016...

The 2015 Giants are playing really well you guys. Like, really good. They're a half game back of the Dodgers and they're 7-2 against those Bums head to head. They are defending their title magnificently to date. They had one of their best May's ever. They probably do well in May due to Willie. Just sayin'... So let's not talk about those 2015 Giants right now. Let's talk about the 2016 Giants! Brian Sabean and Bobby Evans have done a phenomenal job at locking down the core of this team. Looking ahead to 2016, the Giants could have zero vacancies on the diamond positionally. The outfield is all under contract (assuming they pick up Aoki's inexpensive option). Blanco is under contract as the 4th outfielder. And unless he starts really sucking, I'm thinking Justin Maxwell might just stick around as well. Now the fun part. The infield. The infield as it currently stands is all homegrown. You've got Belt at 1B, Panik at 2B, B-Craw at SS, and