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What do the Giants do next?

It's been a roller coaster ride so far in 2015 for the Giants.  They haven't been fully healthy but have hung around the division and the wild card races all season.  Through the All Star break, they were an underwhelming but still competitive 46-43 and given they were missing Hunter Pence for nearly all of the first half and that Peavy and Cain hadn't really made appearances in the rotation until recently, playing over .500 baseball was an achievement.  The fact they weren't buried in the division race shows how much other guys stepped up to fill the void. The Giants are now healthy (or getting pretty close to being there).  They just lost Andrew Susac to a DL stint but it shouldn't be an injury that keeps him out any longer than the 15 days.  Aoki and Susac could theoretically return around the same time.  And those are guys the Giants can't wait to have back.  It doesn't even take into account the nearing returns of Jeremy Affeldt and Tim Lincecum. So