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So the Giants didn't get Giancarlo Stanton... now what?

First and foremost and by far the most important piece of information in all of this: Giancarlo Stanton is NOT a Dodger. The Giants have basically won the offseason already because Giancarlo got traded to the Not-Dodgers. Oh, and the 2nd biggest offseason sensation went to the Dodgers geographical rival, the Angels. Now the Angels have the best player in the sport and one of the most intriguing Japanese imports since Ichiro. Take that you bullies in blue and white! Now go suck on your Game 7 World Series loss while we Giants fans exalt in a glorious offseason where you for some reason decided not to trade for the reining NL MVP despite him essentially begging you to get him. God, that felt good. Ok, so Giancarlo isn't a Giant either though. In fact, he's a Yankee. There was a time when I would have been infuriated that one of the top 5 players in baseball was traded from a small market team (or a team that operates like it's in a small market but is actually in a pretty

Why the Giants need Giancarlo Stanton

I'm not sure if you all have heard this but... the freshly minted NL MVP  might get traded this offseason. I know! Crazy right? What else -- it seems like the San Francisco Giants might have a legit interest  in getting this MVP. They might even think it'll fix the attendance issues that  plagued the team for the first time since World Series parades became a thing  in San Francisco. It's no secret that Giancarlo Stanton (oh, that's who we're talking about by the way) would love to play in LA and let's not be foolish, if LA has any interest whatsoever that is where he'll land. But if LA doesn't have interest in adding him, and Andrew Friedman hasn't showing any type of willingness to take on those type of contracts in his Dodger GM tenure, then SF is the next best spot. I do think it would be kind of cool if Arte Moreno surprised everyone and picked Stanton up to pair with Trout and Upton but that ain't going to happen. Stanton wants to win,

Is it 2018 yet?

To say this season hasn't gone according to plan would be an insult to all poor planners out there in the history of planning. The Giants season hasn't just NOT gone according to plan, it essentially was replaced by a stink bomb gag season that came wrapped in glorious wrapping paper and pretty bows but was unveiled to be what it truly was: a foul smelling piece of crap. We are halfway through this 2017 season, the Giants have nearly 60 losses already (and about half as many wins) and the only thing that Giants fans care about right now are what aging declining veterans might get traded just to trim the fat off a roster that has monstrously underperformed. The Giants are sellers, they are a bajillion games behind the first place Dodgers, and are vying with the atrocious Phillies for the worst record in baseball. That's a pretty crazy turnaround for a team that a year ago had the best record in baseball. Granted, the very very poor 2nd half of 2016 maybe should have served

MLB Predictions 2017

The time is now. Opening Day is upon us. With rosters set and most of the free agents in new homes (sorry Pagan, can't believe you're still unemployed dude!) it's time to take a gander at all 30 teams and the 6 divisions to see how SFGiantsGuy sees them shaking out. In my 2016 predictions , I got 6 out of the 10 playoff teams correct (though not necessarily right in terms of their place in the standings) and the NL Rookie of the Year and NL Cy Young Award winner pegged. My World Series prediction of Rays vs Giants however did not com to fruition. No worries! New season, new guesses! Here we go - may the 2017 season shake out almost exactly like this... (Division winners bolded , wildcard teams in italics ) AL East: Red Sox , Blue Jays , Orioles, Yankees, Rays AL Central: Indians , Royals, Tigers, White Sox, Twins AL West: Astros , Rangers , Mariners, Angels, Athletics NL East: Mets , Nationals , Braves, Phillies, Marlins NL Central: Cubs , Pirates, Cardinals, Brewe

Wait, is it time for the 2017 baseball season already?

What the hell happened to 2016? There I was, getting all giddy about the free agent additions of Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, and Denard Span and making my preseason predictions! And then? And then I totally didn't write one post about the 2016 season. Not during it. Not during the playoffs. Not after. I didn't do my year in review. I didn't do anything! It's like the 2016 season didn't happen. But it did! And it was nuts! The Giants were the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL at the All Star break. Johnny Cueto was everything we hoped he would be and started the All Star Game! Samardzija was pretty decent too. Span was mainly a bust but still useful. The Giants were 24 games over .500 and had a 6.5 game lead over those SoCal Devils in Los Angeles by July 12th. Things were terrific. And then?  And then the 2nd half happened where the Giants bullpen couldn't get outs and the Giants offense couldn't score runs. That led to a 30-42 2nd half record that ne