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Why the Giants need Giancarlo Stanton

I'm not sure if you all have heard this but... the freshly minted NL MVP  might get traded this offseason. I know! Crazy right? What else -- it seems like the San Francisco Giants might have a legit interest  in getting this MVP. They might even think it'll fix the attendance issues that  plagued the team for the first time since World Series parades became a thing  in San Francisco. It's no secret that Giancarlo Stanton (oh, that's who we're talking about by the way) would love to play in LA and let's not be foolish, if LA has any interest whatsoever that is where he'll land. But if LA doesn't have interest in adding him, and Andrew Friedman hasn't showing any type of willingness to take on those type of contracts in his Dodger GM tenure, then SF is the next best spot. I do think it would be kind of cool if Arte Moreno surprised everyone and picked Stanton up to pair with Trout and Upton but that ain't going to happen. Stanton wants to win,