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The Farhan Era

OK, so my last blog post was in April and I was ruminating as to whether or not the 2018 team was going to be able to rebound from a rash of injuries, inconsistent play, and really poor offensive fundamentals. The answer to those questions was a resounding "no" and the team went on to have an equally disappointing season as they did in 2017. The results cost a lot of people in the organization their jobs, none more prevalent than now-former GM Bobby Evans. It also pushed Brian Sabean into one of those "advisory" roles where the organization pretends not to fire you but really just strips you of most of your power while keeping you around. Larry Baer set out to find a "next-gen" front office head honcho and surprised most Giants fans by stealing away Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi. This Giants blogger applauds the move big time. While Farhan Zaidi has never been THE guy for any organization, the organizations that have employed him have seen great success in t