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Bryce Harper Should Be a Giant

I've been waiting for the Giants to swoop in and sign Harper all offseason. It's crazy, I know. I was ready to post this a week ago or so but then I got totally swindled into that MLB The Show rumor that had Harper announcing via that platform he was going to be signing last week with the Phillies. So I archived this post seeing that it was no longer going to be relevant or accurate. But the MLB The Show rumors were false. And today we got this: Sources: Giants executives met with Bryce Harper this week — Alex Pavlovic (@PavlovicNBCS) February 6, 2019 Oh. Is this Giancarlo Stanton redux ? Potentially. But the Giants pursuing Harper isn't crazy at all. I'm not just a Giants fanatic, I'm a Giants realist. I know how the team likes to operate but I also know when they want to blow smoke up their fans arses just to get some excitement. I don't believe pursuing Harper is the latter. Here's why: 1. He's been on the market