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MLB Predictions 2020: Anything Can Happen

Post updated due to MLB's decision to expand playoffs from 10 to 16 teams last minute! Hooboy. My last post about the San Francisco Giants or baseball was February of 2019 and I was pining for the Giants to swoop in and sign Bryce Harper. Not much has happened since then, right? I mean, Bryce Harper's a Phillie, the Nationals won the World Series in their first year without him, and the Dodgers are still enduring an epic championship drought.  Personally, I went and traveled the world for a year, moved to Austin, and was welcomed back with a pandemic of historic proportions that has shut down literally everything. So the status quo essentially. Baseball though! As I write this we're a couple days from Opening Day! Nevermind that it's late July. To put things into context, in 10 days, the MLB Trade Deadline should be occurring. Instead, we'll be one week into a truncated 60 game regular season with re-aligned schedules so teams don't have to travel very far,