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MLB Predictions 2021: Back to Normalcy?

All right, so we are days away from Opening Day, a legit Opening Day, one in April, where as of right now there will no be DH in the NL, no expanded playoffs, and a full 162 game schedule. It's almost like 2020 never happened, which would be great for everyone given how the 2020 MLB season ended. We won't talk about it. That being said, I will  talk about my 2020 predictions . I got 7 out of 8 AL teams right in terms of qualifying for the playoffs and 5 out of 8 NL squads, though my seeding was a bit off. I did have the Rays in the World Series but had them facing the Reds and not facing... whatever team they wound up playing and losing to in six games in that sham World Series. I also had a whopping 0 correct picks with my season end awards. Has that ever stopped me from predicting before? Heck no! So with baseball season two days away, here are my very well thought out predictions for the 2021 season. I can't wait for a real season, where a real World Series champ will be