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Are the FIRST PLACE Giants For Real?

Only the sunniest of Giants fans would have envisioned the team to be in first place, ahead of the Dodgers and Padres, after a month of real live games. That isn't meant to be a diss of this Giants team, it speaks more to the elite rosters of the Dodgers and Padres. Most every baseball fan, expert, and media person not only believed San Diego and LA were the best teams in the NL West, but in the National League. Yet here we sit just a few days into May, and the Giants are all alone in first place after staving off a sweep in San Diego, where they've gone 3-3 on the young season so far. The Giants haven't faced the Dodgers yet, but they'll get that test later this month. They have  feasted on the Rockies who are properly terrible, but the Giants have been competitive in every series they've played so far, which leads to the question, are the Giants for real? Can they keep it up? Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's be realistic. As fun as it is to say