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Do the Giants Have a Free Agent Problem?

When was the last time the San Francisco Giants signed a notable free agent? Go ahead, I'll wait.  (Jeopardy theme song plays) Ok, pencils down. If you waged thousands of dollars on Barry Bonds, congratulations!! You just gave me all your money! You were half right. It was  a Barry. Barry Zito. Remember him? He helped the Giants win a World Series title in 2012. Yes, he was also left off the 2010 playoff roster altogether and had a collective 63-80 record in the orange and black and a barely mediocre 4.62 ERA (4.61 FIP) and 1.44 WHIP.  All that for 126 Meellion Dollars. Of course, flags fly forever, and, while not quite as passionate and full of vitriol as the Belt Wars, Giants fans will argue whether that 7yr/126M investment was all redeemed by one magical October run by Zeets or that it was still unforgivable. All that is neither here nor there, it's to prove a point. There's one reason Barry Zito wound up donning a Giants uniform at all and it's not exactly because t