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Giants 2021 Offseason Recap

I swear I promise to write more consistently about the Giants every season but then I do not. There are thousands of other Giants bloggers out there that do a good enough job without my contributions, but I'm declaring I'm back for real, and will be posting about these G-men more frequently moving forward.  First and foremost, before I preview the Giants 2021, let me unfortunately recap how 2020 ended, because it was truly unfortunate in all the ways. The Giants missed the playoffs, and subsequently missed playing the Dodgers in the first round for the first time since the playoffs expanded to the modern format, by one frigging game. All they needed to do was win one of their final 4 games. They lost all four, three of them by one stupid run. Ouch. Instead of being given the chance to be the underdog of all underdogs, whom this blogger believes had a legitimate chance to upset the Dodgers given how well the Gigantes played against them in 2020, they missed the playoffs for the